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  1. MyRDS

    Lattice -> ispVM -> Failed in Function FULL_ADDRESS_VE

    ispvm Hi all, I'm trying to program a Lattice 2128VE and i'm getting an error :( : (extract from the log file) 08/02/04 09:08:27 Check configuration setup: Start. 08/02/04 09:08:28 JTAG Chain Verification. No Errors. 08/02/04 09:08:28 Check configuration setup: successful...
  2. MyRDS

    Conexant BT866 and BT835 parts

    bt835 Hi everyone, I'm searching someone able to supply me some BT835 & BT866 (2/3 of each). I'm starting a prototype and distributors can't supply me so few quantities ! Samples are difficult to obtain in short time. :? :?: I'm sure that there's someone (somewhere) working with this greats...
  3. MyRDS

    Looking for a SH7709 supplier (2 or 3 MPUs) !

    Re: Need a SH7709 supplier ! We are based in France. Thank you, i'll ask them.
  4. MyRDS

    Looking for a SH7709 supplier (2 or 3 MPUs) !

    Need a SH7709 supplier ! Hi, Our R&D department are looking for a new product based on HD6417709SHF200 (SH7709 @ 200MHz). For the prototype, we need only 2 or 3 MPU and, unfortunately, minimum order from 'official' supplier is 50 units ! We can't buy 50 units if we are not sure to use this...
  5. MyRDS

    Looking for best solution for realtime video computing

    Realtime video computing :?: Our R&D department are looking for a microprocessor (or a couple of IC) able to digitize video (like BT829) from an encoded SECAM source, fast enough (100-200 MIPS ?) to compute some *complex calculations* (brute force on the encoded frames) in real time, and output...
  6. MyRDS

    PIC micro software question

    More, HI-TECH C compiler can be found for free :wink: search a little bit...
  7. MyRDS

    What is the cheapest mcu

    4-bit mcu 20 cents by die ??? 8O 8O 8O What's the frequency range ?
  8. MyRDS

    Pid Algortihm & Picbasic

    pid picbasic pro This a maple sheet concerning PID
  9. MyRDS

    JDM programmer problem?

    Try looking at your voltage level on the VPP pin
  10. MyRDS

    Smartcard Communication

    smartmouse diagram Try looking for 'season interface' ;)
  11. MyRDS

    How to variable which exists outside the asm place in Keil?

    Re: Keil and Assembly Try placing a '_' character in front of your variable
  12. MyRDS

    PIC16F876 sends corrupt rs232 data

    pic16f876 interrupt c compiler May your RX buffer is full ?
  13. MyRDS

    A free 16F876 based RDS Encoder

    rds encoder free MyRDS [hr:3d386a448a] RDS876 is a FREE fully stand-alone high-quality RDS Encoder based on PIC16F876 MCUs. Built it yourself, it's 100% free : all files are availables (PCB, hex files etc...). Some features : * No TDA7330 nor SAA6579 needed (only classic components). * No...
  14. MyRDS

    Help me design a RDS encoder using a 8051 MCU

    schematic encoder rds Hi ! You can find a complete RDS encoder project at https://www.myrds.fr.fm Build it yourself, it's FREE :P [center:844afe5e1b][/center:844afe5e1b] [center:844afe5e1b][/center:844afe5e1b] * Fully stand-alone : LCD 2x16 characters and PS2 keyboard controlled. * Real...

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