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  1. martin-h

    AVR won't run without programmer attached

    Try to use pull-up resistor on /RESET pin. Old and small ATtiny15 needs one too. I never used ATmega128 but I googled for some schematics and everyone there's a pull-up on /RESET pin. for example: ATmega128 ISP-Pins beschaltung - Mikrocontroller.net
  2. martin-h

    LCD INTerfacing to miocro controllers

    LCDs with HD44780 controllers are nice, but you can also reuse LCDs from old mobile phones. The best place to start is Nokia 3310 LCD which you connect to your micro with only 3-4 wires I think (SPI or IIC is there). The only issue is that you have to run your MCU with 3.3V or use voltage...
  3. martin-h

    PLC board that can detect level of analogue signals

    Hi, I'm not a big fan of using Arduino (boarduino... etc) all around, but it seems that it can do the job cheaply. So you use virtual serial line over USB and if you load Firmata to the chip, you can by simple commands sample values and use them in computer. Of course some implementation code...
  4. martin-h

    SMD Blinking Valentine heart - Attiny2313

    **broken link removed** **broken link removed**
  5. martin-h

    SMD Blinking Valentine heart - Attiny2313

    Hello, I've made a valentine gift. It's just a simple blinking board. Interesting part is maybe just that interrupt will turn it on. It's documented on my site. **broken link removed** **broken link removed**

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