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    BEST Electronic magazine and Websites.......

    silicon chip ???? , is it available in india ?
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    BEST Electronic magazine and Websites.......

    where is circuit cellar, i can't see circuit cellar in your list. i thing it should be in the top five.
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    BEST Electronic magazine and Websites.......

    circuit cellar is a good international electronic magazine Circuit Cellar - The Magazine for Computer Applications
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    BEST Electronic magazine and Websites.......

    Electronics industry news, electronics design ideas & products for EEs this is a good site for embedded engineers.....
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    A quick NAND question

    in power dissipation i think the second one will dissipate more compared to the first one because it always connected to vdd so there must be always a minimam level of power dissipation even when the input is zero.
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    BEST Electronic magazine and Websites.......

    here are the links for the above mentioned magazines EFY – India's first magazine on Electronics news, Products, Components, Industry: electronicsforu.com Elektor India Nuts and Volts https://www.electronicsmaker.com ---------- Post added at 17:54 ---------- Previous post was at 17:52...
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    vhdl design example ,, i need your help

    tip : don't take vhdl programming as normal programming , try to consider it such a way that every line execute parallel (not one ins after another)
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    can i generate hex file from c source code using AVR studio ?

    can i generate hex file from c source code using AVR studio ? pls help guys............ i want to use attiny series.
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    Popular engineering societies

    which are the most Popular engineering societies ? i think ieee is the most famous.
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    Op-Amp temperature controll circuit needed

    use a simple comparator for your purpose.
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    PIC question, how to store a password?

    pic has eprom.you can store your password in e2prom.check the datasheet of pic for this feature.
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    We can call functions from ISR or not?

    you can call isr location from your program.but it is not a recommended practice to do so.
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    Interested if there are circuit analysis reports available for 2.4GHz transceiver?

    you mean the below project.......... 2.4GHz Bandalyser | Elektor
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    Need IC to store old state

    the second circuit that you have given might work it depend on the timing of the components.what i mean is that the flipflop input required to be present for some delay before the clock arrive inorder to work correctly.here the clock is fed from the xor.the only time delay between the input and...

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