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Recent content by firdaus sahnawi

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    need help in using pic16c745

    hallow there thanks 4 the replying to my topic can i noe what is the webside that i muz go to check it out... and where can i leant and get the code... thanks hope to hear from u soon
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    need help using PIC16C745

    hallow im new in this project can u help me to how to development of internet access control& monitoring system through sms and how the circuit look like... and what is the code that i have to put in the ic chip PIC16C745 to make it work
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    need help in using pic16c745

    hallow, im new in this i need help in development of internet access control & monitoring sysytem through sms.. can any 1 help but how the control circuit will look like and what code should i have to store in the PIC16C745? hope there people to help me out there thanks hope to hear from u soon

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