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    Antenna Theory : What is most important

    We have Antenna and Propagation course...What is most important things from Antenna? Please reply
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    How to install ubuntu on PC?

    hi i want to install Ubuntu on my PC.. But how?
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    Need some small projects

    yes but TDA7052 IC is not available :( @pragati Thanks i will try to make simple@kumer
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    Need some small projects

    My project is the last week in February..I have to start it from now.ASAP
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    what's the schematic diagram of 400VA inverter...I want to do it for ECC club project

    Hello..Can anyone give me the 400VA inverter cuit with details? thanks
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    what is the software to simulate inverter??

    I have used EWB for simulating Inverter..but I can't find SG3525 IC there and so is the BA159 diode IC and IRFZ44... does anyone tell me???
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    Need some small projects

    any small effective project..... ---------- Post added at 20:12 ---------- Previous post was at 20:07 ---------- thanks for the link but i said Page not found :(
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    Need some small projects

    I am studying Microprocessor and assembly language this semester..not completed yet
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    Need some small projects

    what's embedded system?? I would like to do "Full duplex Intercom".I have found a circuit on net...But I am thinking it might be tough//:(
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    Need some small projects

    The projects for exhibition..it might be professional or hobby
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    Need some small projects

    we have done Frequency Modulator,Amplitude modulator and demodulator.PAM,FSK lab...and before Electronics amp lab//
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    Need some small projects

    o many many thanks/....but I haven't yet learned Antenna,,,is it free to download the software?? How many software i have to learn??

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