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  1. ecaits

    [AVR] Arduino Uno and 2.8" TFT (mcufriend) interface issue

    Hi, I want to interface 2.8" TFT which is of mcufriend, images attached for reference, with arduino uno. I have written code as per below given but it display on white screen. I have used SPI interfacing. Is there any library missing or anything else is the issue? #include <TFT.h> #include...
  2. ecaits

    [PIC] Difference in two similar LDR Characteristic

    Difference in two similar LDR Characteristic in two axis sun tracking system Dear Friends, I am working on sun tracking system in which I am using two similar LDR to sense the intensity of sun by shadow method. But the characteristic of both similar LDR are different means at the same light...
  3. ecaits

    Two Axis Solar tracking system

    Can you post your circuit for my reference. Which is better, photo diode or LDR? Thanks,
  4. ecaits

    Two Axis Solar tracking system

    Dear Friends, I am planning to design two axis solar tracking system using pic controller (like PIC16F877A), LDR and two DC motors. I will compare voltage of two LDR for one DC motor rotation (Either in reverse or forward) and other two LDR for second DC motor rotation through L293D driver...
  5. ecaits

    External Circuit attached with PIC16F877

    Dear Friends, I am working on PIC16F877 project. I am using ADC and taking the signal from sensor and giving it to analog pin. I am preparing the circuit in which I am considering the four point given below. 1. When sensor is short, at that time I am getting 0mV and I can declare that Sensor...
  6. ecaits

    I2V Converter Circuit

    Dear All, I want to use I2V converter circuit which will convert 4-20 mA to 0-5VDC. I dont want to use 250 ohm resistor which convert 4-20mA to 1-5VDC.... Plz suggest me any I2V converter circuit which can convert 4-20mA to 0-5VDC exact...
  7. ecaits

    Analog pin of ADC in PIC16F877

    Which extra detection circuit, I should use??? If accidentaly -15 V apply to analog pin then How can I protect the Controller and detect that reverse voltage is apply to analog pin??? - - - Updated - - - If sensor connected the wrong way OR say -15V is applied to analog pin then how can I...
  8. ecaits

    Analog pin of ADC in PIC16F877

    Hello Friends, I am working on PIC16F877 controller based project where I am using ADC module and read the value of connected sensor's output. I am using different types of pressure sensor. I am using LCD to display the value of ADC. Pressure sensor is giving output 0 to 5VDC. Case 1: Now I...
  9. ecaits

    Analog input voltage

    Dear Friends, I have two-three silly question in my mind... 1. If I give more than 5V, say 10V to analog pin of ADC then what happen??? 2. If I give negative voltage to analog pin of ADC then what will happen??? 3. If I have 4-20mA output of sensor, can I use it as analog input??? OR First I...
  10. ecaits

    two simultaneous key to perform operation in PIC16F877

    Dear Friends, Right now I am using 4 key to perform the operation like UP, DOWN, OK & EXIT in my project. But Now I want to perform EXIT operation by remaining three keys. How can I prepare the code??? I mean I want to reduce the keypad from 4 keys to 3 keys.... I am using PIC16F877 with...
  11. ecaits

    Problem in LCD of LP-PIC DEM 2 PLUS Demo Kit

    Dear Friends, In my LP-PIC DEM 2 PLUS Demo Kit, LCD is becoming too dull and not working at all. Before one day, it was flickering but today it was gone totally. I am using 40 pin PIC16F877. I have checked for any short wire but not found any. Can anybody know why this problem happen...
  12. ecaits

    Problem in Timer2 of PIC16F877 using hi-tech C

    Dear Friends, I am working on TImer 2 of PIC16F877. Code is given below. void main() { TRISB0 = 0; RB0 = 0; inittimer2(); while(1) { } } void inittimer2(void) { TMR2 = 0x00; T2CON = 0x75; // Prescaler 4, Postscaler TMR2IF = 0; TMR2IE = 1; PR2 = 0xFF; } void interrupt...
  13. ecaits

    How to do multiplication without using math operation ???

    Dear Sir, But I am using float datatype....
  14. ecaits

    Scanning of Keypad (4x4) using timer

    Hello Friends, I have interface keypad (4x4) with PIC16F877 using Hi-tech C compiler. Now I want to scan the keypad to know that is any key pressed or not??? How can I use timer to scan the keypad so that I did not need to scan the keypad every time in program code??? I think I can use timer...
  15. ecaits

    How to do multiplication without using math operation ???

    Dear All, How to do multiplication operation without using math library. I am using float datatype. I am working on PIC16F877 using hi-tech C compiler. I have read that multiplication in math operation consuming more program memory so I want to optimize my program code, if any other logic is...

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