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Recent content by dopplerjeff5000

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    Volume loss density in HFSS?

    It is encouraging to see your answer! Taking it a step further, I know that jwB•H can be interpreted as the curl of E•H. But is this quantity significant? The J•E term can be interpreted as power lost to heating, but what about the other term?
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    Scattered field larger than incident field!!!! (HFSS problem, Reflectarray cell)

    It is common to see confinement like this in the near-field leading to local "hot spots" with much greater field strength than the incident wave. Much of your scattered field is plotted in blue ... approximately zero strength. I can't tell what your structure is, but it appears that it may be a...
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    Volume loss density in HFSS?

    I thought I could bump my own post since it has not been answered and over 600 views. There is obviously interest in the topic. That said, I leave it up to you. Just let me know if you should delete it or if I should delete it.
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    Volume loss density in HFSS?

    Hi, I'm bumping the thread because the matter remains unsolved. Derivation of volume loss density from Maxwell's equations yields ρ=σE, while HFSS shows it as in the original post. Any input on where the magnetic part comes from? Is it just the magnetic current component?
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    Spatial Scattering Parameters of Volume Loss Density in HFSS

    Thanks for the prompt and thorough reply. I will try what you suggest!
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    permittivity of a material only in 50Hz

    If it's a material of interest at these frequencies I am almost sure that someone would have measured it and reported it in the literature. If not, you should perform this measurement and get a publication!
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    Spatial Scattering Parameters of Volume Loss Density in HFSS

    Hi! Does anyone know how to plot the scattering parameters or volume loss density over only a certain part of the simulation? I'd like to see in a complex simulation the areas where I'm losing the most power, and I'd like to be able to plot a frequency sweep of one section of the model versus...
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    problem in finite FSS simulating use HFSS

    I am interested in finite arrays as well. Have you found the answer to your question?
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    Volume loss density in HFSS?

    Hello, I see the volume loss density in HFSS is defined as... ρ=Re[E•J+jωB•H] Where does this come from? I suspect it comes out in the derivation of the Poynting vector, but I haven't seen this form in the derivations. If anyone has derived volume loss density in this form I'd be interested...

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