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Recent content by Delsian

  1. Delsian

    Xilinx EDK 8.1i incompatible with ISE 8.2i?

    Hmm, where I can find EDK 8.2? On official Xilinx site now mentioned only 8.1 Even in Edonkey no links to 8.2 - only 8.1 Can anybody help me with 8.2 downloading?
  2. Delsian

    Xilinx EDK 8.1i incompatible with ISE 8.2i?

    edk 8.1 After upgrading ISE 8.1 to 8.2 I got a problem with EDK - it told that can't find ISE8.1 installation, and I have no idea how to force to grow fond each other? Maybe, anybody knows some way? I think, it's very strange situation because on Xilinx site no any words about ISE and EDK...
  3. Delsian

    XilinxISE: Multiple designs in one project?

    How I can describe different designs in Xilinx ISE project where all modules the same but one module is different? Is there any way to use "#define" and "#ifdef" in VHDL project?
  4. Delsian

    simultaneous use of rising and falling edge

    You can use "NCLK <= NOT CLK;" and two "process(CLK)" and "process(NCLK)" :)
  5. Delsian

    Problem with finite state mashine (ISE6.3 + Spartan3)

    Question closed - it's my mistake, two input signals changed simultaneously. Now all works correct even in OneHot encoding.
  6. Delsian

    Problem with finite state mashine (ISE6.3 + Spartan3)

    My design sometimes locked in real chip but works well in simulator. I found that FSM switched to undefined state time by time. When I changed syntesze option "FSM encoding algorithm" from "Auto" to "Compact"- all starts to work fine, but compiling time increased. In "case" exists "when other =>...
  7. Delsian

    Link to FTP where you can get DXP2004 SP2 !

    Re: DXP2004 SP2 released! **broken link removed**
  8. Delsian

    Link to FTP where you can get DXP2004 SP2 !

    DXP2004 SP2 released! Service Pack 2 can be downloaded via FTP by logging into the Altium FTP site with the following details: Address: ftp.altium.com Username: DXP Password: 2004 Mirror: Address: Username: DXP2 Password: 2004_Site2
  9. Delsian

    Help regarding surface mount socket

    I made simple connector to SMD components from old connector with spring lamels. Break any unuseful connector and take bronze lamels. You will glue it with silicon to board, and after programming you can easy remove it manually. Also you got ugly connector for future use :)
  10. Delsian

    Looking for a PLL/VCO-chip to generate a 10.7 Mhz

    PLL circuits Look to AD98xx and select the best for you. I prefer AD9850 in my project.
  11. Delsian

    Kinds of apertures in System DXP2004

    Re: DXP2oo4 and apertures :( Thanks for teory, it's very interesting. I don't know another fab with such cheap cost of prototyping, as https://run.to/pcb Additionaly, they located near my country, so shipping will be also very cheap and fast. No, when I examine Protel's CAM output - it...
  12. Delsian

    Kinds of apertures in System DXP2004

    gerbt00l Suddenly I found strange thing. System DXP2004, I made Gerber files for manufacturer. QFP chips placed with step of 90 degrees, turn out with normal rectangular apertures, each leg is described by one aperture. On a new design I has put one QFP under a corner of 45 degrees. I take...
  13. Delsian

    How to patch Protel 2004 to add Spartan support?

    Pr0tel2oo4 and Sp@rtan Some days ago I migrate from Pr0telDXP to Pr0tel2oo4 and noticed that new version doesn't support Sp@rtan family in FPGA design, it left only in PCB design :( Anybody know how I can patch new version of Pr0tel to add Sp@rtan support?

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