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    can i safely replace 5pf 6kv capacitor with 10pf 6kv on LCD Inverter Board?

    I am replacing a 5pf 6kv 5% ceramic disc capacitor on an LG LCD screen inverter board. I can only find one that is 10pf, not 5. It is still 6kv and 5%. Is this a big no-no? Or ok? I just don't know enough, trying to save some $ by fixing my screen myself. Thx, Dan
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    Please Help Identify this (capacitor???) Component

    I removed a good one from another place on the same board and had it measured by a guy at the local electronics place. He also mentioned that it may not be a capacitor at all, but also gave no suggestions as to how to find out. In the mean time I went online and found a 5pf capacitor that is...
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    Please Help Identify this (capacitor???) Component

    Thanks very much. I took it to a guy with a capacitance meter and it came out 5 Pico Farad. Unfortunately those are impossible to buy unless you get 2000 of them and wait 10 weeks for factory lead time. So I am buying a cheap LG board on Ebay which looks like it has similar components... for $15...
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    Please Help Identify this (capacitor???) Component

    I just tried selecting those two criteria (6.3kv and 0.1uf) at mouser.com and at digikey.com and didn't get a single match, why would that be?
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    Please Help Identify this (capacitor???) Component

    Hi all, So I decided to fix my LG Flatron monitor and pulled the power+inverter combo board out. The picture shows a normal board. Notice the blue component circled in Red, well that component is completely burned up on my board so I need to replace it. But how do I find a match? (I think it may...

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