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    Band Pass FIlter Problem

    Thanks , derived and simulated :smile:
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    Band Pass FIlter Problem

    Thanks Godfreyl. U pointed out the same thing but I couldn't figure it out
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    Band Pass FIlter Problem

    Thanks, I understand now about the loading part. I want someone to point where i am doing something wrong during the derivation of Transfer Function. Because for me the TF looks same for both of them. ---------- Post added at 01:46 ---------- Previous post was at 01:13 ---------- For Low...
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    Band Pass FIlter Problem

    I am designing a Band Pass filter. I tried to swap the order in which the filters( LP and HP) are used. and found out that I get two different result. If I calculate the transfer function of the band pass filter I shouldn’t see any difference. But in my case LP-HP band pass filter has more loss...

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