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Recent content by boeysue

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    Implementation of Algorithm in Hardware.

    mmm... What a big vision on that problem! The first one is which hardware do you want. The sencond is which algorithm is your work. ..... and etc.
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    Which tools are used for DSP simulation?

    Which tools is for the DSP simulation , except the Matlab/Mathematics? Thanks for help.
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    How to simulate a TDMA scheme in Matlab?

    tdma matlab These two link seems to be a error link.
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    How to give output as only one input to block in Matlab?

    Re: matlab - output branch You can use the "Shift" key and then grasp the output line of the block,and then you can get the copy output line of the block.
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    advantages of C over C++,PERL?

    as the perl,it work better on the "string operation" than C/C++. C++ is better OOP than C. and C is easy for program than C++. That is what I think.
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    reading wave file in MATLAB

    The function for matlab to read audio file is auread.
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    dicsrete cosine transform

    You can find the detailed explaination on the Rao's book. The discrete cosine Transform
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    Zeros at Z=0 in Discrete time filter

    Of course,you can add all zeros in your design . Because zeros can't cause the stability problem.
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    Setup and hold violations

    fixing setup and hold violations timing violation seems that somthing happens in the clock tree or your code. Maybe you can find the problem in your synthesis process.
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    Need Matlab code for crc_ccitt calculation

    Re: mtlab code Maybe you can try the mathworks web. There are so many 3rd party compancy or some engineer who provide 3rd party matlab code or tool.
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    Zeros at Z=0 in Discrete time filter

    zero means the ascending of the spectrum from the zero to inifinty. So if you add a zeros at zeros ,that means you want to emphasis the part of the high frequancy band part of the signal.
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    voice synthesizing and advance codec

    you can look for the itu-G series speech codec for that. such as g721,g723.1,g729..etc. and amr. maybe that will help you. there are many free source code in the internet.
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    What is a CIC filter and what are its applications?

    Re: what is CIC filter? Cic filter is a simply filter for sampling conversion. It just only use add and substraction for the filter,and there is no need to use multiplication and division for that. But if you use cic filter,the spectral domain will be needed a compensation filter for compensate...
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    Region of Convergence ROC

    maybe You can use some fractional equation to do the equation to find the ROC.
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    Energy and Power signals

    I think it is a energy signal, because the power of that signal seems zero.

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