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Recent content by benny28

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    led matrix with keyboard

    I've tried looking on google and forums but I have not found the kind of comprehensive tips to make the LED matrix with input from the keyboard. is there anything that can help me?
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    add character led matrix display

    so what i have to do?
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    how we can interface keyboard to AVR(mega8)?

    gampang. beli aja yang sudah jadi
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    gui application to control led matrix

    for details, here im attached a proteus file that i'm get from [URL="http://www.HLachini.com"] from that site im learning (so much thanks for him) . but im modification for 8052 because i dont have avr ic. i have already test the program and i'm also have implementation on the protboard and it's...
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    add character led matrix display

    hana nyang jaweub kakeuh kupegeut keudroe euntreuk...
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    gui application to control led matrix

    hardware i'm used is 74hc573 and uln2003. program for simulation i'm used proteus.
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    LED Moving Sign with Parallel Port PC (LPT)

    Re: php for lpt1 with led i have test file ledscrol_1270-zip. but ms dos application is not works. could you tell me, what version of windows that i can run this program. thank u for your help
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    Led Moving Sign 16x96 MCU ATMEL ATMEGA8

    yang minta mantap...
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    need help for at90s2313 programmer.

    could you give me full source code and scheme. please
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    gui application to control led matrix

    halo all. i'm being learning led matrix display using bascom for 8051. im had been make program led display. but i dont know how to build led matrix control with gui application like vb or delphi. i need your help.
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    add character led matrix display

    halo anybody. i'v found link scroll led on 8052.com and i;v tested this circuit and it works. but i dont know how to add character more than 42. did any one know how to add character from this led matrix? and how to design program to send character from keyboard, and can replaced anytime...
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    led matrix 5x7 using shift register 74hc595, and 89s51

    to all... please help me.. i need schematic and program to build led matrix 5x7 using shift register 74hc595 and 89s51, i need in assembly language. if could the schematic on proteus... i'm from aceh indonesian...

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