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Recent content by amanda.

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    Experimental verification of reflection phase curve for reflectarray

    Any one would like to give some suggestions?
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    Experimental verification of reflection phase curve for reflectarray

    Hi, I found out that most of the reflection phase curves shown in IEEE papers on reflectarrays are not experimentally verify and most of the authors only measured their reflectarray radiation patterns but not the reflection phase curve. Why so many researchers don't want to carry out experiment...
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    Aperture efficiency of reflectarray antenna

    Is the aperture efficiency same as the radiation efficiency of common antenna?
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    Aperture efficiency of reflectarray antenna

    I'm interested about the aperture efficiency value of reflectarray antenna which is spatially feed by a horn antenna.
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    Aperture efficiency of reflectarray antenna

    Hi, I saw most of the IEEE papers on reflectarray design had included the value for aperture efficiency. How can we calculate the aperture efficiency of a reflectarray antenna? How much percent of aperture efficiency is consider good? Thanks.
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    reflectarray simulation using CST MWS

    Hi panou, I have tried floquet boundary with variable size element in HFSS, it were able to generate a phase curve. Then, the phase curve was used to design a small reflectarray in HFSS and it can scan the main beam accurately as we predicted in calculations. Funny, when i import the model to...
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    Reflect Array Antenna on HFSS

    For most simple simulation, delta S of 0.01 should be sufficient to get reasonable result since there are only 1% of difference between the outcome of the last two passes.
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    Reflect Array Antenna on HFSS

    Some suggestion here, may be you can try slowly reduce the number of pass in HFSS solution setup, since higher pass numbers will need more memory, less number of passes may give results with lesser accuracy but you can roughly know whether your design is working or not. To get most accurate...
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    reflectarray simulation

    some addition information here, when the frequency vary away from the center design frequency, the phase curve will change (become not parallel) and this will lead to gain drop of the reflectarray. So make sure a parallel phase curve at frequency more further than center design frequency will...
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    reflectarray simulation

    Re: simuler un reflectarray avec hfss DRA reflectarray is quite challenge, even you got good simulation result, especially when you come to fabrication of the DRA reflectarray, in practical it is very difficult to position all the DRA blocks accurately like what you designed in simulation and...
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    Simulation software: HFSS 13

    May i know whether Ansys 13 and Ansoft Maxwell 13 are same software with HFSS 13? Thanks
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    The HFSS simulation has the mistake?

    yeah, i having the problem too and all free space on my drive are consume when simulate with more numbers of adaptive passes. I found out that the hard disk space (up to gigs size) that used by HFSS fail to restore and now a warning message "low disk space" always displayed when i start my pc...
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    Question on CST electric field results

    Hi everybody, I'm trying to define an E-field monitor in CST simulation to look at the E-field pattern animation. After finished the simulation and when i want to animate the E-field pattern, i saw that we have to choose between several E-field component options like X, Y, Z, Abs and etc, so...
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    reflectarray interested

    Hi konmpy, Good to hear that you got the farfield. By the way, why you want to know the farfield pattern of the single element?
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    reflectarray simulation

    Hi abdoeng, Do you means define two floquet port at the same time, one port at the top and one port at the bottom of the unit cell? If i have a ground plane, so how many floquet port i have to put? Thank you

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