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  1. akilpatrick

    Help: project related to wireless weather station

    bi-directional interms of zigbee Well, that's an interesting question.... I've never reverse engineered one so I don't know. Perhaps the receiver circuit is low enough power that it can stay on all the time. Do some calculations based on the info in that app note I posted and find out. :)
  2. akilpatrick

    How to find the osc frequency ?

    low osc frequency I would recommend using the built-in RC oscillator rather than building your own if you're worried about the timing accuracy. The internal RC is factory calibrated and probably far more accurate than your own RC will be, unless you use very high grade components. Generall...
  3. akilpatrick

    Help: project related to wireless weather station

    circuit to low power wireless weather station The topology I mentioned would involve the receiver to be active all the time. I'm imagining a system which would consist of a receiver/display device (or PC) located inside somewhere, connected to mains power so that it's active all the time. The...
  4. akilpatrick

    Help: project related to wireless weather station

    weather station microcontroller project ZigBee is RF. And these days might indeed be a good system to try since there are some quite inexpensive RF modules that implement the ZigBee protocol and make it easy for users to send and receive data without handling the low-level signalling. However...
  5. akilpatrick

    When do you pull up a line?

    That's untrue. Open drain is the FET equivalent of open collector. Many modern ICs such as microcontrollers use FET type outputs instead of bipolar technology.
  6. akilpatrick

    Help: project related to wireless weather station

    wireless weather station revers engineered I've done a bit of digital sending over small RF modules. First you need to decide if you want/need bi-directional communication or not. You might find it cheaper and easier not you. Each sensor could sleep for a while, and then wake up every so often...
  7. akilpatrick

    How to alleviate the effect of slew rate in a single ended telescopic op amp?

    Re: Slew Rate Or you can improve slew rate performance by reducing the line loss in long cables. This is affected both by the DC loop loss, as well as frequency-dependant losses caused by skin effect in the cable. Using an equalizer can help to restore lost high frequencies, in digital or...
  8. akilpatrick

    When do you pull up a line?

    Yes. Generally for I2C you would use a 4.7K resistor to pull up each line. In terms of other types of lines, anything with an open collector or open drain would need a pull-up if you want to convert the output to a voltage to use for controlling something. If the "lines" are microcontroller...
  9. akilpatrick

    Pic with ethernet capabilitie?

    You don't need a special circuit. You just need to implement Wake-on LAN, which is easy to write in any language that allows you to send UDP packets or something similar. I wrote a little program in C and I think it worked on the first try. Here's a page...
  10. akilpatrick

    Help me out with a search algorithm for flash memory

    Re: need help urgently Hi, Two points about your problem: 1) You need to realize that you aren't going to be able to match the coordinates directly by comparison, unless you reduce the resolution of the data. Just chopping off digits isn't really very good because you could end up being quite...
  11. akilpatrick

    Ethernet PHY Compatibility - AT91SAM7X

    at91sam7x ethernet I'm working on an application with an Atmel AT91SAM7X doing ethernet. I'm using FreeRTOS on a Make Controller Kit that I got as a demoboard. I'm looking to build a custom board that can run some of the same code. My question is, can any PHY be used to connect to the micro...
  12. akilpatrick

    RF Designers / Enthusiasts in Toronto area?

    Looking to meet some people who know RF in the Toronto area. I'm a full time hardware developer looking to learn about radio, RF, etc. and want to chat with people who can explain some of the concepts to me, or maybe want to work on some hobby projects in some spare time. Even just chatting...
  13. akilpatrick

    FM Demodulator Troubles

    Hi, I'm using a 74HC4046A PLL/VCO to demodulate mono audio from an FM carrier. The carrier comes from a signal on CAT5e twisted-pair cable. (it rides on the common-mode on one pair which carries video on the differential mode) The carrier frequency is about 250kHz and the amplitude seen by the...

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