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Two new improvements bring biological calculating nearer than ever before

The tales of human-computer hybrids have always been fodder for sci-fi. Experts, however, have introduced two new advancements to light.

Two new developments bring biological computing closer than ever

Biological transistors produced

A paper was released by the journal Nature Communications. It shows that a team created biological transistor gates at the Imperial University in London. The logic transistors were created with DNA alterations on E.Coli viruses. A true-false electrical signal helps this occurred. The E.Coli infections are compatible to the human body. This is because it is found in the human digestive tract typically.

Wearable touchscreen developed

Carnegie Mellon University worked with Microsoft Research. They found that a wearable touchscreen can exist. The device uses a laser projector and depth-sensing camera. The system projects a touch screen onto any surface (including skin), and tracks hand and finger movements. You can turn anything into a keyboard or touchscreen with this engineering. The current OmniTouch system is housed in a shoulder-worn unit, and can project onto almost any surface. Currently, it is too large to be sold. It will be shrunk soon.

What these breakthroughs mean

It is more likely that biologically compatible computer systems will exist as shown by these developments and many others. Medical science is especially interested in the likelihood, as programmable, biologically neutral computer systems would be able to improve diagnostics. Medical science most likely won’t be the only place where the advancements are used. It will probably be one of the first places though. You'll not be able to get a usable, commercial biological computer in the next few years. It will most likely take decades to get that far. The likelihood is getting nearer. These developments have allowed for it.

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