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Troll CNC: EP 1 - Intro

Hi everyone. This is the first post in this blog. The blog itself will describe my efforts to build a CNC Mill.

So maybe first something about me: I'm 25 years old. Half a year ago I've graduated masters degree in electronic engineering from Wrocław University of Technology in Poland. Currently I'm working in R&D Dept in a big automotive company. I have many hobbies including (but not limited to): building/repairing/modifying various electronic devices, drag racing, automotive mechanics, chemistry, reading books, programming, etc.

Some time ago I was doing a project for my friend (high power owen controller) and everything was going fine until it came to making an enclosure. The enclosure had to be as robust as possible. This resulted in manual drilling and filing holes in some off the shelf die-cast aluminum enclosure. Not the best way to spend 6 or 8 hours of your life. The problem had occured before, but i always could find some solution. This time I've decided that I've had enough and the next project I will try to accomplish is going to be a CNC mill.

Apart from my wide spectrum of interests and hobbies I have very little experience with mechanical engineering and building machines. I will attempt to post anything I think/consider/make/do/build/destroy. This will include both wins and fails ("epic" ones included).


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