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You may have seen the great Oscar winner movie “The secret in their eyes” (If you have not, I advise you to do). However, this is not related to the topic of this blog :roll:. The secret is in the code is not a movie. It is a real situation occurs in almost every team work capacity. It is a phenomenon in which the individual (team player) hides some of the information/knowledge to secure his job/position in the company. The sentence itself was quoted from my ex-project manager. He used to describe poorly documented software modules by this sentence.

Of course some people are just lazy to document or teach but those are not the ones I mean. Herein, I mean the employees who intentionally hide his knowledge. They don’t understand the importance of experience sharing to their organizations and even to themselves. I can not think of a solution to this problem. May be the better management and the more awareness of the value of the team work can help! As Neil McAllister said “Chances are the problem lies not in your programmers, but in your process”


I think this occurs from perceived in-securities the employee has about the job or organisation he/she is working for, and how much of their own
effort they poured into the project which is unrecognised. And then their confidence if they lost their job today, are they employable tomorrow doing something else.
I agree, your process can improve the outlook the employee sees

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