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Search and find , solution and answer with Wolfram Alpha PART 1:


Wolfram|Alpha introduces a fundamentally new way to get knowledge and answers—
not by searching the web, but by doing dynamic computations based on a vast collection
of built-in data, algorithms, and methods.

Computational Knowledge Engine :
Doing some experiments and discoveries

Search word " wolfram "

first search "wolfram"
we found "Stephen Wolfram (scientist)"
and note : Assuming "wolfram" is a person

second search : selected Use as" a chemical element"
found "tungsten (chemical element)"
- many info windows with more buttons ( try to push them all)
- some buttons for select info- and data format etc.. (try them all)

third search : selected Use as" an internet domain"
- try buttons again

fourth search : selected Use as" a surname "

fifth search : selected Use as" a word "

Allways bottom of master window you see "source information" button for listing of sources

Other searches

where is wolfram
morse code wolfram
price of wolfram


london and paris
15-sided polyhedron

Some Electric Circuits

resonance frequency 20uF, 5H
RLC circuit 10ohm, 12H, 400uF
6800 ohm resistor
Butterworth filter
Chebyshev type 2 filter

Some Physics

circular aperture a=0.2mm, lambda=650nm
adiabatic process Vi=10L, Vf=2L, pi=1atm
atomic spectrum of nitrogen

Some Music

A A# B
major seventh
key of A major Bflat minor
E blues phrygian
play 440Hz tone + 444Hz tone

we will return to these searches in the following parts of this blog

Next,lets look at the mathematical searches and plotting

The following is not intended to be a handbook,
but only a listing of search examples

Elementary Mathematics
do basic arithmetic
1.05 * 12,000
sqrt 1801
1/6 + 5/12 + 3/4
3/8 * 2/7

compute properties of an integer
do exact arithmetic with integers
141(2^141) + 1
compute a prime factorization
factor 70560
compute properties of a rational number
compute the exact value of a repeating decimal
compute properties of an irrational number
determine whether a number is irrational
Is cbrt(3) an irrational number?
determine whether a number is algebraic
Is sin(pi/17) an algebraic number?
identify algebraic integers and units
Is 1/(1+sqrt(5)) an algebraic integer?
determine whether a number is transcendental
Is sqrt(2)^sqrt(2) transcendental?
get information about a transcendental number
Champernowne constant
do basic arithmetic on complex numbers
find roots of complex numbers
apply functions to complex numbers
do exact arithmetic with large numbers
1927508279017230597 + 278789278723478925
find a decimal approximation
compute a decimal approximation to a specified number of digits
pi to 2000 digits
compute the value of a mathematical constant
feigenbaum alpha
do computations involving constants
golden ratio - 1/(golden ratio)
find possible closed forms for an approximate number
represent an approximate number in terms of specified constants
express 4.8675 through pi and e
visualize a set of real numbers on a number line
number line 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13
show multiple sets on a number line
number line x^2>5, 0<=x<3
compute properties of an interval of real numbers
compare intervals
intervals [0,1), (1,oo)
convert a decimal number to another base
1275 to base 7
convert a number in a given base to decimal
100011010 base 2
do mixed-base computations
(28 base 16) + (30 base 5)
do computations with Roman numerals
convert a decimal number to Mayan numerals
365 to Mayan
find the English name of a large number
specify a number by name
49 tredecillion


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