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RFIDs - A technology to watch out for

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) uses "tags" to identify objects. Tags can operate passively, without an on-board source of power allowing them to be paper-thin and smaller than a penny. Tags can be active, with a battery power supply, allowing them to operate at longer ranges. Merchandise, portable equipment, vehicles, and people have an RFID tag to allow them to be identified and located.

RFID technolgy was thought of firstly to replace the Bar code system that is used for the identification of the products and their information. The bar codes fail to deliver under harsh conditions. So the products build under such situations and prevailing their cannot be used with bar codes. So the idea about RFID technology ws developed. But after that, taking into account the various possibilities of being used for security purpose, applications using RFID for many security systems were started to be designed..

RFID system mainly comprises of RFID tag and RFID sensors which detect the tags. The tags may be active or passive ones. Their operating frequency will define to which reader will the tag combine and give it unique code to.

So this is a nice applicable technology that is developing..


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