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RF Based Fire Fighting Robot for Rescue Operations !

Fire Fighting Robot


Intelligent systems, such as robots, are rapidly becoming more competent. Use of robots is growing both on Earth and in space, in large part due to increased capacity for machine intelligence. In industry, acceptance of robotics requires very high reliability. Robotics defined as a mechanical design that is capable of performing human tasks or behaving in a human-like manner. Robots are comprised of several systems working together as a whole. With Technology becoming a key learning area the need for technology educators to have relevant and exciting facilities and equipment is more important than ever. Building a robot requires expertise and complex programming.

Objectives of this Project

Photo1068We usually read in news papers about fire accidents and rising death toll rates because of fire related accidents. At times even firemen lose their lives while on rescue operations. We have proposed a model Fire Fighting Robot which has been designed for relief operations with main focus on rescue purposes. It can rescue human beings from fire related accidents without direct involvement of fire fighting personnel. The Robot is an electrically powered and remotely controlled unmanned vehicle. It is a battery-operated robot on wheels and its primary role is to put off flames. It can be remotely controlled over a range of 500m in line of sight or within buildings. Using its robotized arm, it can put off the flames with the help of blow air fans and water spray jets. The robot can climb staircases, negotiate steep slopes, navigate narrow corridors and overcome typical hurdles. The proposed module basically uses a Micro-controller (89V51RD2) and various types of motors the robot is also equipped with a webcam with both video and audio streaming facility the user or the operator sends command from the remote pad to the robot and the received signals are interpreted by the robot and given to the micro-controller. Micro-controller will give instructions to the motors through the motor driver mechanism and control accordingly. Six motors have been used to drive the wheels. A dc source of 12V lead acid rechargeable batteries have been used to power all the components.


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