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Possible Rental LED Screen Events: The Sky Is Limit

Wonder if you know what rental LED display can do for you exactly? Discovering its’ possibilities may help you find new ideas of how to boost your own business and events. That is the reason why we will discuss possible rental LED screen events today - to explain why rental LED screen can play such a seasoned role in many applications.

Stage Rental LED Display

This kind of rental stage LED display can be used as LED wall stage backdrop, rental LED dancing floor and concert LED screen. They can create an immersive and impressive aura for audiences. No matter whether it is a live show, concert, press conference and so on, the stage rental LED screen can all evoke attendees better visual experience.

What Are the Differences of Stage LED Rental Display?

1.The materials of LED cabinet:
the traditonal LED display usually can be a little heavy because of the raw materials, but the LED stage screen rental company will provide customers such a LED cabinets that are light and stable, and are generally made of die-casting aluminum. These types are easier to install and dismantle, which is highly suitable for large stages and concerts that may cost a lot of time for preparetion.

2.The installation methods: on the fisrt place, the traditional indoor LED display is fixed, while the rental one should be more easy to set up and dismantle but still stable. On the second place, rental LED stage screens have advantages to achieve mainstream installation methods.

For instance, the hanging installation. It means the screen will be hanged in the air, and it usually comes with locks to hold them into the place. Therefore, the lightweight of rental LED screen will be a superiority for this installation way. And it is always suitable for other methods including wall mounting installation, the most common way, and standing installation method.

3.Pixel pitch: due to the high requirements of images and display, the indoor stage LED rental display will usually select P3 and P4, and the outdoor stage LED screen will choose P5 and P6. For some stages with higher standards, people will even choose P2 and P2.5 LED screen. And for traditional LED display, the P5 and P6 LED displays are usually adopted for indoor applications, and P10 LED screen for outdoor applications.

The specialities for rental stage LED screen can be listed as below:

1.It should be user-friendly for smooth operation, installation, dismantlemant and transportation.

2.It should be light and realiable to simplify the installation process, and adopting to different installation methods.

3.It should be noiseproof and has high reliability so that the stage performances will not be interrupted.

4.The display quality is high with clear image, high contrast and high fresh rate.

5.Very quick reaction speed, and no latency to display the real action on the stage.

Wedding LED Screen Rental Ideas

A rental wedding LED screen can bring many benefits to the couple. For example, it can help to create a fairy tale-like and luxurious atmosphere, and can be an assistant for meeting guests and serving as digital instruction. It has so many advantages that people seldom regret if they rent one.

1.Size: the screen size depends on the wedding attendees. The rough guide shows 5ft high, 7ft wide LED screen should be chosen if the number of people reaches 100; 7ft high and 9ft wide LED display screen is applicable for reception around 200 persons, and 9ft high and 16ft wide will be suitable if there is going to be 300 persons on the wedding.

2.Cost: there are alternatives for customers to choose including projectors and TV. If the wedding has selected guests invited, then a projector and TV may save some money for you. However, if the number of guests is large, doing a wedding LED screen rental deal with a reliable LED screen rental company is the best choice. The LED wall will cost about 20-25% higher than renting a projector or TV.

The wedding LED display rental cost can be various as their diverse specifications. If you wish to calculate the estimated cost, you need to consider several factors such as pixel pitch, size, labor cost and so on. You can refer to rental LED display price for more details.

Rental LED Wedding Display.jpg

Mobile LED Screen Rental Events

Compared with modular LED screen, the high mobility of mobile LED display gives it special functions that other types don’t have. For example, it can be utilized in applications where need the screen can move with the crowd such as parade, and political campaign. What is more, it widely uses in places where crowds represent high mobility such as an amusement park.

Besides, the potentials to attach more potential customers endow its strong ability to improve ROI. For instance, you can find some sponsorships by renting out advertising area on the screen. It is an excellent way to deduce the budget, and can save money and time for the both sides.

For instance, if you are a restaurant owner who wants to advertise your set menus, you can advertise them when close to mealtime. And rent the mobile LED screen out when people typically will not have desires to eat something.

1.Services: you will generally need a person who runs the car, and under some conditions, the rental LED company will provide you such service for free. So don’t forget to ask the company to figure out if there are some ways can save your labor cost.

2.Cost: the mobile LED display rental cost is usually lower than a modular one because of easy installation and smaller size with the installation can be completed within 30 minutes.

In conclusion

The aim of this article is to show some common applications of rental event LED walls such as LED stage screen rental events, wedding LED screen rental events and some applicable potentials for rental mobile LED display. For more information about rental LED display, click here.


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