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It's a Smartphones World

In 10 years, smartphones and smart mobile software will certainly do a much better job of gauging context to make our collective user experiences much richer. What do I mean by context? Forrester defines “context” as “the sum total of what your customer has told you and is experiencing at his moment of engagement.”

Smartphones are going to know a lot more about you in the future. I’m already navigating, shopping, reading books, depositing checks, checking in, thanking people, scanning documents, etc. with my phone. Imagine what services will be developed just within the next couple of years. With the addition of entirely new detection sensors and advanced software, the smartphone is going to automatically know what you are experiencing within your environment as you interact with brands in store–& provide a lot more context overall. Combine this with augmented reality & we’ll be seeing some crazy stuff in 10 years. Hold on to your seat…

Wow. Smartphones are eating the world too…


smartphones are developing rapidly depending on technologies advancement in chip design with respect to area and power management (larger number of transistors with optimum power handling)
and also depending on software development
the problems in software development is that it is not easy like PC environment
as in pc there is hardware specification and it is easy to develop not like smartphones different hardware and os i think companies need to standardize these issues

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