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I made IR recorder / player / analyzer- IRrec

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finaly i get some results from my hobby:
It consists:
-USB to 3v3 serial converter
-IR remote control receiver
-C8051F330 micro from Silabs
-IR remote LED
-visible RED LED
-optional: sensor (light sensor,.....)
-software on PC for visualisation data from micro (C8051F330)

-IRrec can record pulses to 1us resoluion!
-play records with 38kHz modulation frequentzy
-record up to 4 pulses to internal flash
-compare received (remote control-RC) signal with recorded all 4 RC command
-measure temperature from internal temperature sensor in C8051F330
-automatic switch from high speed (115kbaud) to low speed low power mode (300baud)


-test remote controls
-watch room temperature
-measure pulse or more of them (up to 110x pairs: 0 and 1) 1 microsecond resolution

in the near future:
-control room temperature and log to to web (graph presentation ...1h, 24h, 1day, 1month,..)
-save up to 4 remote control of clima (and control temperature in room over internet)
-view and log room light and log this data to web (graph presentation ...1h, 24h, 1day, 1month,..)
-ir remote control repeater
-control your PC with any remote control (sw on pc work with autoit batch script program)

in the future:
-flashcontrol for photohraph (triger depends od voltage level on optional sensor)
Good work js,
It gives great pleasure and happiness, when the board designed by our own, starts working...

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