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1N, => 1 Junction Diode
2N, => 2 Junction Diode also called as (Transistor) or (bi Junction Diode)


Try again. The number refers to the number of leads minus 1. For example a 2N2323 SCR (triple junction device - PNPN) had three leads. And there were 3N devices - fets with substrate connections.

By the way, when I first saw 1N/2N devices, I thought 1N's were diodes, 2N's were NPN transistors, and 2P's were PNP transistors (I never did find the 2P devices, though, haha). (see below)

The term “type designation” used here refers to the number assigned to a solid state device in accordance with JESD370B, Designation System for Discrete Semiconductor Devices. The term “type designation” may be applied to the original number assigned (without suffix) or to a number with a suffix letter. The type designation assignment is designated by a 1N (2 lead) or 2N (3 lead) followed by 4 numbers. The material submitted via an RDF and assigned a type designation is sometimes referred to as a "data sheet", to obtain copies of data sheets, please contact Phileasher Tanner at JEDEC.

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