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Awsome Combination of Microcontroller and Powerelectronics-- My Venture.

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When I was in Class Five, my father gave me a book on Basic Electronics and a trainer board made on wooden board with Breadboard pasted on it and with power supply incorporated and told me to play with this book and trainer board instead of Computer game. I started to learn Analogue electronics from my father, the book, internet and started to practice numerous circuits on my trainer board.

When I was in Class six, My father brought an small IC and told me that it was known as Micro controller, which is really a full Computer on a Chip and also he gave me Programmer and a Trainer board. It was 16F84A Pic Micro controller. He told me that from now on I have to play the games of electronics with this computer. I learned Assembly Language Programming from my dad and High Level Language from Books and Internet. My father brought numerous books on Electronics and Micro controller and Trainer board from U.S.A. and U.k. for me.

When I was in Class Eight, my father brought a Book on Power electronics and told me that this is last portion of my Electronics game. He told me that if I am ignorant about Power electronics, whatever knowledge I possess in Electronics and Micro controller, probably I may not be able to produce useful electronics gadgets. With combined knowledge of Power electronics and Micro controller, there is nothing in electronics, which can not be made. From then on, I started my venture with Power electronics and Micro controller. In the last few years time, I have constructed/made numerous Circuits/Projects, some of which were utter failure and some with sweet success. Now I have a fully equipped Home Laboratory and a resourceful Home Library. Now I am convinced that the combined knowledge of Power electronics and Micro controller really has limitless fields of application. Yes, everything has its limit and in this field sky is the limit.


After finishing your school when you join some Electronics course you might be learning a lots of equation so on and so forth. For that you should understand Mathematics intuitively. Or else it will bore you if you just remember those equations. During your course in Electronics get some good books on how mathematics helps us in solving complex problems in electronics easily- eg: "Engineering Circuit Analysis" by William Hayt. Learn that full book when you are in college. Don't worry it will be like a novel. You can read slowly as you have a lot of time in the future. Don't waste the knowledge that you have. If you combine mathematics with electronics you can become an efficient designer.

All the best.............

Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.

wish you best of luck ........

Maj Amjad Ali
guidance and right direction is very important for success your father training was awesome and i will do the same with my kids ....
salute to your training ....
You r lucky one, that you get the direction from your child did not waste your time in other subjects. I will suggest you that do at least B.E engineering in your relevant field, it will help you in future
Thanks abdul wahab. After completing my A level, I aspire to study Electronics Engineering in a very good University in U.S.A.
i am 3yrs elder than you but still cant get even close to what u have already learnt . on my way though . started with PIc16 did some programming in Assembly,but then found BASIC simpler and faster (i know its inefficient) moved to that. then started with Arduino did some interfacing but everything was just too simple with ready made examples and libraries . learnt Graphical user interface with processing . now looking for something new ....
once again hats off to what u have learnt in such a young age hope u take this a long way for purpose of better world to live in

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