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A Serial PIC Programmer + ISP Capability

Hi All,
This post won't be anything new to the experienced members but as a newbie I was not able to post comments or help others with my little but correct knowledge so I had to post something. So I'm posting a serial PIC programmer which has ISP capability and can program almost any PIC, as the theory goes. And I'm able to write/ read/ erase a couple of 28 and 40 pin PICs which I was able to get in my hands. I found some schematics on the net and after refining them according to the Microchip's specifications I made this first programmer for me. Though the schematics might be known to many but the board layout is mine which I created using ExpressPCB. If any one find this useful do let me now. Now straight to the business,
View attachment 52732
Now from this schematics I removed the 8, 18 pins part for the ISP capability and to save space on the board and placed a 28 pin IC base (holder) within a 40 pin IC base to compact the design. I used the 0.47uf electrolytic capacitor and it worked fine. Though I do not use the 47uf electrolytic capacitor the programmer works fine. (Note: According to the Microchip’s specifications one should use the 47uf capacitor shown in the schematics to prevent components from damage when the circuit powers on and off. But I think it should not be a problem with ATX computers as I have tried it successfully, without the 47uf capacitor, on ATX computers, so can’t say about the old ones.)
Now some photographs of the real construction,

View attachment 52730
View attachment 52731
And here are the files to download to make your own,
(The board measures 78mm X 38mm. When you print the *.pdf file make sure you select no scale or 100% or 1:1 according to your printer settings. One more thing do not forget to attach the jumper wires on pin 9 which goes to ICSP pin 3 which is not shown in the pdf, and another on pin 1 which goes to the 0.47uf cap +ve lead.)
View attachment 52728
View attachment 52729


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