I used calibre to do RCE, and set the output ‘format’ to ‘spectre’, ‘use name form’ to ‘schematic’.
Then calibre generated three files: just_for_test.pex.netlist just_for_test.pex.netlist.pex just_for_test.pex.netlist.JUST_FOR_TEST.pex.
The just_for_test.pex.netlist is the top netlist which includes the other 2 files.

I copied these three files into spectre run-directory. Then modified the ‘input.scs’: delete the previously netlist description, only preserving the sources description, include just_for_test.pex.netlist.
Then I run spectre in the ‘analog design environment’ using the modified input.scs. No error reports while no differences between the previously pre-layout result. (The test layout is intentionally connected with a long wire 1u*500u) :(

Could you please tell me how to do post-simulation with spectre in the right way?