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    Looking for any projects using pic16f84

    hi.. i have a thesis right now and i need project using pic16f84.. pls help me on giving some ideas about this.. thanks..

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    car security with pic16f84a

    Instruments: frequency counter, tachmeter, logic probes, pulse generators, etc
    Robotics: robot controller, motor controller
    Other: appliances controller, keypad locker, alarms, serial terminal

    Search in the Google, you will find a lot of ideas and projects using 16F84(A)

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    pic16f84a car alarm system

    1) Solar Tracker

    This system has the objective to track the sun position by means of using sensor, microcontroller and motor system. The objective is maximize the power received by a panel of solar cells. A link for this project is http://www.thepangburns.com/jesse/pr...ojectsMain.htm

    2) Remote sensing systems

    The objective of this system is to get some measurements from a far place like a plane or a ship, or in industrial places like engine rooms.

    3) Security systems based on microcontrollers

    Microcontrollers can be used to implement efficient security systems like systems that prevent access to certain locations except you have a certain password or a valid magnetic card or even your fingerprint matches a pre-stored one. See this project

    4) Solar Power System Analyzer
    When you use solar cells to power up a house for example, they won’t be able to supply power 24 hours/day as they work in light only so you need batteries to deliver power during night. These batteries are charged using solar cells. For this system to work properly we need a control system to organize its operation and to prevent batteries from being overcharged

    5) Telephone based systems

    Microcontrollers can be used along with telephone to implement many useful projects like
    A) Automatic ambulance calls when fire exists
    In this system a MC based system has a access to fire sensors and telephone line. When a fire starts, the circuit performs a phone call to a pre-defined number and plays a tape recording a need for help message.

    B) Home automation using phone calls
    You can build a system that responds to phone calls and performs home automation based on the numbers pressed on the caller side.

    C) Caller ID systems. It is a system interface to a telephone to show the number which is calling you. You can add some features like storing of names to display names instead of numbers and you can think of many other developments.

    6) A Radio Controlled Video Vehicle design

    The Radio Controlled Video Vehicle RCV2 allows a user to manage a radio-controlled car using the mouse or keyboard of a computer. The control chain consists of user input to a GUI which sends commands to a microcontroller through a serial port. The car sends video data back to the monitor of the user’s computer. The video data received by the user allows them to navigate the car around obstacles. One possible use of RCV2 is in exploring hazardous environments. Another use may be as an entertainment system. Later versions of RCV2 could include data transmission over the Internet, as well as image processing capabilities. Image processing could enable the car to identify specific objects the user is searching for.

    7) Preprogrammed vehicle

    In this project you can use microcontroller to program a vehicle by a predefined path that the vehicle should follow. This system can use methods of direction sensing to implement a feedback system to correct the motion of the vehicle when it misses the predefined path.

    8) Robotics projects

    All robotics projects can be implemented using microcontroller. There are many ideas in this field. You should pick up an idea and think about implementing it using microcontroller.

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    pic16f84 project

    You are assigned to PIC16F84, so you are lucky.

    PIC16F84(A) is very popular among hobbyists and MCU beginners, and tons of free documents, circuits, projects, software, programmers, ... everywhere on the internet.

    To pick out the project that is suitable for you, just "google" with the keywords PIC16F84, and/or "circuit", "project", "schematic", whatever you know.

    Do not forget to surf these very famous webs:
    www.microchip.com - the manufacturer of the PIC,
    www.piclist.com - the most excellent and free forum for PIC microcontrollers.


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