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    Looking for a good DSP development kit

    Hello, I want to do a three-phase energy network analizer, which can evaluate in real time the power factor and THD. for that I must do the DFFT (discrete fast fourrier) in real time.

    What DSP board (development kit) do you recommend me? I need a development board kit to start. I need something cheep too.

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    Re: Looking for a good DSP development kit

    There is an old saying "Chap - Fast - Good : Pick two" (also known as the Devils Triangle and other terms).
    Real-time generally involves 'fast' (even for power factor and THD calculations which can give you a few more microseconds to calculate things) and you say you want 'cheap'. 'Cheap' is a relative thing: for a student that can mean a few dollars but for a manufacturing company it can mean a thousand or so.
    Of course the implication of 'fast' and 'cheap' is that it will not be 'good' but again that depends on the context. If this is a one-off student project then it may only need to do the job once and (perhaps) be re-purposed after that.
    Also, do you want to do the DFT calculation as a stand-alone device or can it be built into a microcontroller that is used to do the A/D conversions and user interactions as well. There are a number of manufacturers of microcontrollers that provide a DSP engine built-in and so it really comes down to what else you want the device to do.
    In summary, the question you are asking is actually quite broad and you are likely to get peoples personal preferences rather than something that suits your requirements. What you really need to do is to sit down and think through exactly what your requirements are and then look for a device that can provide them (or at least as many of the critical ones as possible).
    I've mentioned what else sits around the DFT but you also need to consider how many bits does the DSP need to process for each calculation, how long and complex is the calculation, how many calculations per second are needed etc and that will tel you how fast the DSP core needs to be and can guide you as to whether you can use a built-in DSP or if you need a purpose built chip.
    Are there power budgets to consider (i.e. what voltage and current can the DSP or microcontroller draw).

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