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Xilinx System Generator v3.1 was released!

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Nov 7, 2001
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ise 5.2i sp2

**broken link removed**

System Generator for DSP is the industry's premier software tool for designing, simulating, and implementing high performance FPGA-based DSP systems. Using System Generator greatly shortens the path from design concept to working hardware through

Simplicity. System Generator presents designs at an appropriate level of abstraction. Signals are not just bits - they can be signed and unsigned fixed point numbers, and changes to the design automatically translate into appropriate changes in signal types. Blocks are more than stand-ins for hardware. They respond to their surroundings, automatically adjusting the results they produce and the hardware they become. Translating a design into hardware requires nothing more than the push of a button.
Flexibility. System Generator allows designs to be composed from a variety of ingredients. Data flow models, traditional hardware design languages (VHDL and Verilog), and functions derived from the MATLAB® programming language, can be used side-by-side, simulated together, and synthesized into working hardware.
Speed. System Generator simulations are considerably faster than those from traditional HDL simulators, and results are easier to analyze. New hardware "in the loop" simulation interfaces expand this advantage dramatically and seamlessly.
Power. System Generator runs inside the Simulink® framework produced by The MathWorks, which means the extensive tool sets that Simulink and MATLAB provide are automatically available. System Generator v3.1 includes native support for ModelSim, which allows users to import HDL code, and brings system level modeling capabilities (e.g. test bench creation) to the traditional hardware designer.
Accuracy. System Generator simulation results are bit and cycle-accurate. This means results seen in simulation exactly mirror those that will be seen in hardware.

"On the whole, we think the System Generator for DSP tool is better than any competing DSP design methodology. For our applications, the high-level schematic design flow, powerful MATLAB visualization, and proven IP cores are very effective,” said Chris Musial, engineering manager at Boeing SVS. “We are now able to generate and refine algorithmic designs in a fraction of the time that it took to hand code VHDL. We really think this is a winner for Boeing, especially given its cost."

System Generator for DSP is a key part of the XtremeDSP solutions from Xilinx, the industry's most advanced and complete solution for implementing high-performance DSP systems using FPGAs.

We invite you to learn more about System Generator for DSP, and take the first step to increasing your team's productivity through a free trial of the tool

xilinx, dsp, system generator

Work with Xilinx ISE 5.2 SP2

xilinx system generator trial

ZmGor said:
Work with Xilinx ISE 5.2 SP2

There is NO Service Pack 2 for ISE 5.2 at the moment!!!


It is mentioned in system generator's web that it require:

- ISE 5.2i with SP1 or greater (Foundation or Alliance version)
- MATLAB v6.5
- Simulink v5.0
- XST v5.2i (Included with ISE Foundation v5.2i)
or Leonardo Spectrum LS 2002.e
or Synplify PRO v7.2
- ModelSim 5.6c or greater

who have li*cen*se

M0delSim_XE II_ v5.6a
i want to c*r*a*c*k it

Xilinx has planned to release Service Pack 2 for ISE 5.2 in middle of April 2003

There is no need to c*r*a*c*k M0delSim_XE II_v5.6a. The XE_v5.5e license works for it.

I want to try system generator with both ise 5.1 and ise6.1. What do I need to run it?

thanks and happy newyear !!! :)

Is there any good tutor or design sample for System Generator?
Thank in advance

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