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Writing arabic at LED's Display

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May 19, 2005
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Hi All My Frinde

what is minimum number of rows to writing arabic at leds display
and can any one help for the algorithm to write arabic on a leds display


I am not an arabic user, however, the fonts I've seen are 16 rows or taller--I suspect you could make that a tad smaller depending on how much interpretation/intuition the reader needs. Recall that many glyphs have upper dot clusters or overlines, so you have the line, space and the lower part of the character, so its hard to compress downwards.

The Unicode charts are #0600-06FF, 750, FB50 and FE70 at I assume they include the position forms of the chars. You could also see if the ArabEyes project on, has specs on their bitmapped fonts.

What kind of algorithm info are you looking for?

Regards, CH

You better make it on no. of rows but atleast that I could see is eight (8) rows but if you increase the no. of rows the font will be more clear.

1. I advice you to check any LCD that writes arabic and count the pixels used for a single char (better than re-inventing the wheel).
2. Write your text in MS paint and save it to bitmap with low resolution in 8 bit (this also can help you counting the pixels)
3. Then search for a software that converts the bitmaps to the dots you need for LEDs, I saw this software maybe in ms .net studio examples or forums, it is free to download, I am not sure but there are more than one software for converting the Bitmaps to dots.

This depend on the font itself I think (Kouf, Diwani etc). In addition the ponctuation of the arabic as well as the fact that some letter are writen under the other over the line implies the use of a lot of raws. I think you can inspire an idea to find the minimim of raw/columns by seeing work done on chenese message led displays.

Hope it helps.

Rabbi y3inekom.

You need at least 11 Row.
For the algorithm it is quite simple. You have to classify caracters which are writen under the line and the other writen on the line.

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