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Writing and Reading file on sd card or flash memory, with a DE0.

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Aug 18, 2015
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Good Afternoon,

I need to devolop a VHDL code, that it should to read a text, perform a task with the text and stored the new text in other file.

but I 'm new in this world , and do not have much knowledge. I wish someone would give me a idea of where Reading and Writing Files.

I'm using de0 kit , which has a slot for memory card , sdram and a flash memory.


to read/write file on flash you are going to need a file system.

so you are going to implement a nios2 capable to load a file system code that will allow you to
open,read and write files.

Break down into steps
-1 Memory core on the fpga that can communicate with memory platform. (this will need to 1. initialize the memory on bootup/ 2. Read in the data) - remember it's talking on the lba level
-2 Method of extracting the data read. so looking a flash memory you'd fill up a fifo within the FPGA of the data retrieved. When you've received that chunk you then dissect it. Looking at words etc.
-3 When you identify then trigger the "functionality" that you want (look at using fsm's)
Be wary that you are dealing with binary. So don't rely on the "ascii" equivalent unless you have a converter function

So for example if you wanted to do encryption.
1. handshake and communicate with memory. Start read in process.
2. fill up fifo, id where encrypt starts
3. apply encryption
4. write out to different memory .... profit

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