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worm snake motor driving and controlling

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Aug 31, 2010
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**broken link removed**can any one please help me how to rotate this kind of motor .
which ic i should use to drive this motor ...........
help me please......:-:)-:)???:
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i found this type of motor in my pc LG dvd rom drive
just now only i found the name of this motor worm snake motor

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i found this type of motor in my pc LG dvd rom drive
just now only i found the name of this motor worm snake motor

Well it's a little difficult to identify a motor remotely without even a part number.

The long gear attached to the shaft of motor is know as a worm gear, but has little to do with the actual operation of the motor.

How many leads are coming from the motor itself on the flex cable?
Do you know the operational voltage of the motor, usually 12v or 5v?

Is there an encoder mounted on the motor?

It is possibly a stepper motor. However, without a larger photo of the motor itself, I'm just guessing.

post the inscription on the motor.

After looking again at the photo and considering its original purpose, my guess would be a BLDC with encoder.

yes it is an BLDC motor.
the ic used for controlling that motor is M63028FP .5,6,9,3,pins connected to the motor.
the voltage rating of that ic is v5 and v12
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i will look to it and understand how it should be rotated .
and what kind of signal sequence to be fed to this kind of motor.
And i will also try to interface with 8051mc.........:cool::cool:
if i found out definitely i will be sharing with u all frnds......:|:|:|
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i tried to connect the motor with pin 1,2,3,4 but not working .
motor shows only small vibration in the shaft but not rotating .
please help me how i should change codings


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