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Wireless transmitter for musical instrument

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Aug 18, 2012
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I have been asked to add wireless capability (for on stage use) to a small musical instrument that presently connects via cable to large stage amplifiers (Marshall etc.) This instrument actually has a stereo output, however in most cases the two signals are combined at the amplifier for mono operation.

There are countless products already on the market for this typically in a pager like format that attaches to the users belt with a short umbilical cord to the instrument, and the matching wireless receiver placed at the amplifier or mixing console.

For this application the transmitter needs to be embedded within the instrument, and space is quite limited, perhaps 2" x 1" x 1/2", the instrument is already battery powered for the electronics. In a perfect world I could work with one of the OEM's so that I could reuse their proven technology and simply shoe-horn their transmitter into this device instead of the pager like format. Or redesign the transmitter to fit the required format. Does anyone happen to know of any devices on the market that might be good candidates?


I could do a fresh design, any suggestions on appropriate hardware to do this?

This could be in the realm of miniature 'bugs', FM transmitters in a pill, etc.

Your size is about the same as an FM transmitter kit I once purchased from an electronics supply house. It contained a dozen components. The signal could be picked up on a nearby FM radio. It's crucial to adjust the thing so it transmits on an un-used frequency.

It will be a plus that you already have a power source on board.

Look at wireless mic projects, among the list of similar threads at the bottom of this column.

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