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wireless network - I need some help

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Dec 18, 2002
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wireless network

hello guys
can anybody help me in building a wireless network
i want to connect a couple of micro controllers to my pc via the com port
so if anyone got anything(pdf file , links,..) to give please post reply
thx in advance

Maybe you can use the bluetooth to build the wireless network.

best regards


guys im really new to the wireless world system
and i dont have that much time to search the web for good links (or else i wouldnit be posting susc subject )
so if there is some shenatics on gow to build a wireless link between the PC and the uC it would be great
i want to build the wireless network so i can learn

try this one...
**broken link removed**

be carefull it's larg! :)

check this subject on electroda

**broken link removed**

Its about remote sensors. I have posted two articles from CC about RF communication and PIC there that might help.

regards Me

how about bluetooth???? do anyone know how to make it? any usefull information?

Wireless network

If you don't need extreme speed, you could use one of those OEM RF Transciever modules, like the ones at Linx and Laipac. Of course, you have to figure out the networking protocols yourself, and you'll have to use some kind of encoding for reliability, like Manchester. If money isn't too important, MaxStream makes a nice Spread Spectrum transciever, with all the networking and encodinig done for you. All you do is connect them to a serial port. They are about $100, but go down to $60 in quantity.

RFSolutions gives you a wide range of modules and RF chips.. I've bought the Bluetooth BRM01 for 500kbps in 200 meters... and it rocks!

Bluetooth works finw as long as you only want 720kb data rate.
If you want faster then go for a woreless lan kit (802.11).

Phil :lol:

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