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Wireless Accelerometer

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Aug 1, 2022
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I had a project idea that imp considering actually trying to make. I have 0 experience with microcontrollers, and I don't know if you would even call what I want to make a microcontroller, but regardless any advice would be hugely appreciated.

I wish to build a battery operated accelerometer that can be mounted to a golf club that can wirelessly transmit its data to a receiver unit. I have no idea where to start or if this is even possible. Any resources that could point me in the right direction of where to start (where to buy stuff, what I might be looking for) would be awesome.

I think you would need a consultant to assist you to write the application
code. And manage/design the electrical and safety and for manufacturing
and ........

Infineon/Cypress has a lot of BLE application examples, parts to work with.
I think they also have an active list of design firms one can work with.

Regards, Dana.

Not being a golfer, how would you mount an accelerometer to the golf club without affecting it 's balance (which I can imagine is important)?
Also what information do you expect to get and how would you receive and interpret that?
It is certainly possible to do what you want, and there may be commercial devices out there (a quick Google shows many - whether they are suitable or not is another story).
If this is just an 'introductory project' to learn about microcontrollers then that is one thing (although there can be a bit of a learning curve). If you want to build something that is practical and useful then that is something else. Either way you should get a 'bigger picture' view.


before buying something you have to consider
* timing requirement
* range
* resolution
* accuracy
* precision
* interface
...what's the target values you want to get from your measurements


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