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who know the chip;SN74lVTH16245?

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Who have used SN74LVTh16245?

I have a question:If I use 3V to supply Vcc and the input datas to it are 5V TTL,the output datas from it should be 5V TTL or 3V TTL?

Thank you!

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Hello Jerry_chan,

If you look at the datasheet you'll see the specs. of VOH:
if VCC = 2.7 V to 3.6 V,(IOH=–100 µA) VOH = VCC–0.2 V

Therefore you'll have 3.3V - 0.2V = 3.1V min to Vcc(3.3V) max. at the output pin

Pay attention about the variation
(decreasing) of VOH when IOH grows.

In most cases this voltage is enough to drive other 5V devices, but if you want to ensure a reliable performance, you can try with the dual supply voltage level shifter 74ALVC164245 by Phillips semiconductor:

**broken link removed**

As you can see it has 2 VCC inputs.

Otherwise I made use of the 74LVC245 to mix 5V logic & 3.3V logic and worked fine...

Best rgrds,

Hello chenx,

Thanks a lot!You are so kind.I hope to be your friend.

Best wishes for you!


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