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Who Can convert LVS file ?

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Dec 29, 2001
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diva lvs

I want to convert LVS file(dracula LVS file to diva LVS file)
because foundry suporter provide dracula LVS file.
but I have diva LVS license.

please help me.

calibre to diva conversion

In the C@de&ce inst@ll directory/tools.sun4v/dfII/bin, you can find a executable file: DraculaToDiva.
It's usage as same as the PDR@CUL@.
It can convert the Dr@cul@ command files to Div@.

rule file conversion tool


Are there any tools supporting diva2dracula? or Assura2dracula?


I'm not sure.
As I know, so far, there are no such tools.

thank you for your comment.
I am unfamiliar with Cadence tool.
I open Conversion Tool Box from Cadence main windows' tool manu
but, I can't find DraculaToDiva.
would you please explain DraculaToDiva's usage in detail ?

I can not find the dracula2diva in the IC443 or IC50,
Only it maybe invert by man.

Hi, visualart, nice to meet you in this topic.
The "DraculaToDiva" not in Conversion Tool Box.
It is located at your "c@dence installation directory/tools.sun4v/dfII/bin/DraculaToDiva", if you have installed diva.

Hi sulifen.
I have another question?
does "dracular2diva" convert dracular Rules to diva LVS Rules perfectly?

Unfortunately, even the "DraculaToDiva" is made by Cadence, but the converted Dive rules file can't run it directly.
Usually, you need to fix a few syntax errors by manual. For instance, the input layers name, it should be as same as the tech file definition.

To use "Diva" LVS, you should have to use the "Composer" to entry your design (schematic), "Diva" use that to instead of netlist.

Sorry, my experience with drac2diva is from 1995. I had to convert a 1.6u CMOS rule file. Could translate 95% of the expressions. After taken a look at the remaining 5% of expression I understand that the builtup of the rule file uses the underlying semantic of dracula. I had to manually insert statements from diva which cover exact the cases of dracula. That tend very time consuming. After two weeks I start to rewrite the complete rule file in diva because I get familar with. I cross checked some designs I found discrepancies in both rules files. At appears that there remains 3 rules. One in rule text discription, one in drac, the other in in diva. The differencies where acceptable because the golden check with drac was made anyway. With calibre I found more similarities with diva.

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