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Which Phone to use for Android USB Accessory application

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Apr 29, 2011
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Hi every body,

I am trying to exploit the features of USB accessory mode of Android 2.3.4: Gingerbread. For this purpose I am using Vinculum-II (USB Host controller from FTDI). I got some example codes from the FTDI & also from Developer guide https://dl-ssl.google.com/android/adk/adk_release_0512.zip . I have successfully built it in eclipse Indigo with google APIs [Android 2.3.3]. I have Samsung Galaxy Mini (GT-S5570) & updated it to Android 2.3.4 although its not a official release. But whenever I am trying to install the corresponding APK it is showing application not installed.

I found a information from developer guide that is
"It is important to note that not all Android 2.3.4 devices are required to support the USB accessory feature. Each individual device manufacturer decides whether or not to support this capability, which is why you must declare it in your manifest file."

Can anybody please let me know that is it the reason for which I am not able to install the apk, as my phone's hardware dose not support the USB Accessory mode. I have found many people are using "Samsung Google Nexus S" phone for this application also FTDI specifying that they have tested it is Nexus S. Also please let me know what are the other phones available is market with Android 2.3.4 & supports USB accessory mode.

Thanks in Advance


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