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which microcontroler with support 115200 baud rate

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Sep 7, 2005
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pic 115200 baud

any 1 know?which microcontroller with low price and easy to program support 115200..??

avr uart 230400


I'm working with PIC microcontroller and it support 115200...I think most of the microcontrollers support 115200....

pic 115200

All microcontrollers with the UART module. From Analog to Zilog.

program baud rate 2 at 115200

can u spesific with your PIC..? which type..??

atmega baud rate 115200 problem

AVR ATmega128,ATMega8535

avr 115200 baud

Cheapest with enough resources is ATMEGA48 (QFN32 ultrasmall package). Also excellent debugging support via RESET pin (when using JTAGICE).

Actually you can go over this speed 115200 by using oscillator 14.7456 MHz - it has the magical quality to generate all possible baud rates with ZERO ERROR! I made many projects with 230400 bps and even higher. There is no limitations to go to almost 1Mbps

18.432mhz 115200

dear friend

all the microcontroller supports the baudrate
only thing is that you have to check the equation which makes the baudrate and the frequency for the same.check whether the purticular MCU is supporting the frequency


pic 115200 baud rate uart

Many uc have USART, but to have 115200bps with that you need to use some strange frequencies to oscillator.

For speeds like 19200bps I use the USART module, for speeds like 115200bps I use software routines, they are easy to do, you can put a PIC running @ 4MHz sending 115200bps ;-)

115200 baud to kbps

can u please send me for example.....

16f628 115200 crystal

18.432 MHz crystal can be used at any standard baud rate like 115.2kbps without error on 16F877A

used baud rate for the module 115200 baud.

Microcchip micro data sheet normally has a full list of speed and setting for references.

pic 115200 bauds uart

I think many PICs and AVR support that BuadRate.

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