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Which is good....Energizer (or) Duracell.......?

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Jul 10, 2006
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Hi all.....

What do you all people think abt.....

Which is good....Energizer (or) Duracell.......?

As per my experience, Duracell gives higher energy, but Energizer has better leakage proof package. So I usually use Duracell for short term purposes, and Energizer for the long term purposes.


I can only confirm the pervious post: Duracell has the higher power for volume, but Energizer does not leak and conserve the energy for longher time.
I use energizer in the safety deposit of my house after a leak of a chinese battery ( sold by the same dealer of the safety deposit ).
after a search on the store and some test I choose Energizer.


agree with the previous posters.
I use energizer for when more backup is required.

this question is like asking xilinx or altera fpga is the best :p

Be careful with Duracell in your low-use devices. After several years, they can start leaking even though they still power the device.

Energizer in th best it can last the battery life unlike the duracell it can power up easily but usage compare to energizer is different

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Please stop this non-sense questions. Is better duracell plus or duracell ultra M3 or duracell procell than energizer ultimate or energizer display or energizer industrial???

Both batteries are "good" they are of the better spec made.

However what your deficintion of "better" is, is anyones guess.

What do you want the battery to be better at?

It has been said already what the differences are & which is "better" at one thing then another.

So what do you want from a bettery, what application do you want to use it in?

Without this sort of info, how can others tell you which is "better"??

I prefered Duracell because I often got a free torch with them, but now I think energiizer is "better" because I like the energizer bunny.


Quote from previous post: "but Energizer does not leak."

I also thought this was true. Have bought only Energizer batteries for ten years.

Last year they leaked into my $30 Mag light and this year they leaked in my Sony Walkman.

I sent my Walkman to Energizer and they said that although their batteries were leaking in my Sony, that the previous batteries did the damage.

Since I have always bought Energizer, it was their batteries that did the damage.

When I'm not satisfied with a product, I take my money elsewhere.

In the future, I will buy Duracell.

Added after 5 minutes:

"what do you people think of abt?

I bought a dehumidifier from abt ( two weeks ago and am pleased with them. Price was very good and it was shipped two days after ordering.

In my experience, Nothing leaks like a Duracell.

After my Energizer experience, I check the batteries monthly in my electronics and I remove the batteries from anything that is not going to be used for 3 months or longer. Better safe than sorry.

it depends for which application u r using the battery..
for delicate vulnerable devices energizer is de best

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