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ft fmax mosfet bjt

Depending on condition, but give current condition, in general BJT is faster because gm is larger.
The simple metric to compare between two is ft = gm/cgs, roughly.

bjt is faster than mosfet why?

Bjt is fatsre. cause its gm is higher. hence it's ft.

bjt and mos

BJT is faster than MOS also Si_Ge BJT is faster than normal BJT

why bjt faster than mosfet

BJT is faster but if you wanna design high speed devices use GaAs Transistors,

frequency response bjt

I thought MOSFET is faster in switching that BJT!!!

Can u guys elaborate on that?

bjt or fet,which one is faster

You get a detailed response to your question in the book:

Fundamental of Semiconductor by Bahzad Rezavi

fast gaas transistor switch

BJT is faster...

fastest switching bjt time

i pretty sure that mosfet transistor are known and used for their fast switching capabiblity especially in power electronics

comparison bw mos and bjt

mosfet is faster .because majoriy current flow an in bjt both carrir flow,

bjt speed

I do not understand well your question.

I myself met both BJT and MOS transistors in UHF systems. So I do not see any evidence for which transistor type is faster over the rest in general.

reasons from bjt to nmos/

mosfet is faster because of scaling. small channel length. even though it is slower but distance to be travelled is less.

bjt vs mos faster?

BJT is faster than MOS

bjt mos gm

BJT is much more faster than MOS (higher ft)

why bjt is faster than mosfet

BJT is faster and the high speed processor is made by BJT

bjt faster than mosfet

some cmos is fast and some MOS is fast ,so y should choose the device more carefully

power dissipation mos bjt

CMOS is faster than BJT, check out switching times for CMOS and BJT

is bjt faster than mosfet

CMOS is faster than MOS.
Scaling in the channel width makes mos faster.
Now a days processor operating >4GHz using mos technology.
not only because of low power dissipation and also because of the faster swiching characteristics of MOS.


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