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Which is best laptop used for office?

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May 16, 2015
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Which laptop is best for office purpose Lenovo or Hp?

Laptop magazine has an annual rating of laptop quality metric, but they are somewhat biased towards those with the best reviews i.e. Apple.

A warranty vendor Squaretrade also has a report on laptop replacement during a 3 year warranty.

Here is where "perceived" reliability was the metric. I'd probably wouldn't put much weight on the results of this one, fanboys probably jumped on this one hard to make sure their favorite computer was represented.

Personally I used to like IBM Thinkpads, when IBM still owned the brand and prior to it's complete buyout by Lenovo. Lenovo seems to have lost the original Thinkpad quality. HP well I would stay away from them, I have an HP Envy currently and it's not that well made, but has decent sound. That said their Elitebook line (which is very expensive for what you get) is quite nice, though the company I worked for had a lot of overheating and reliability problems with them, so they eventually switched to Dell.

FWIW, I'm currently using a DEL XPS for work (FPGA design and simulation) and it runs cool, has a decent keyboard (though I primarily use an external one in the office), a nice display, and crummy sound quality.

Go for dell or HP, best laptops to for used in office,

For office purpose ( web browsing, spreadsheets, etc... ), I think that there is no much requirements.

Hitachi drives were great. I used to buy IBM HDDs before Hitachi bought out their HDD manufacturing business.

I wonder if the buyout by WD will affect their quality in the long run, though they are not merging with WDT but running as independent units.

Oh, and an i5 might be a better choice as they run cooler than an i7 (if you can live with the performance hit). I really doubt you'll see much difference with typical office apps like word/excel/powerpoint/etc, but you will notice a difference if you are doing place and route on a large V7 FPGA. :cry:

If you want buy laptop for office purpose so you take must HP brand.because it is genuine brand.

I have a Lenovo laptop and desktop and I've had no problems with them so far. Both are I5.

Is there a reason that you are only considering Lenovo and HP for your laptop?

As far as I can see, office purpose can be understood as standard applications, meaning no much system resources required, therefore unless OP specify the main applications that will run there, this will become an endless discussion.

The best one is ... the best one you can afford, has the largest display resolution and has a 2nd monitor and is the one you know how to use to it's best capability

Both Dell and HP are good in durability. Hp will give you better battery life than dell and dell will give you better battery life than dell and dell will give you overall better performance than HP.
Dell have 24×7 calling customer support they are doing good. Personally I would go with dell. I have stated these statements from my experience.

If you are looking for a decent Office laptop, the Lenovo is a good one; be warned thought that the most recent versions of Microsoft Office (starting with the 2010 Edition) all default the hardware acceleration for the graphics which causes stability issues if the laptop has the Intel Graphics Processor (Even one that is slaved to the nVidia Quadro Video Card) instead of a Radeon or GeForce Video Card.

I'm in favour to using network server for OS booting an office image using gigabit LAN for reducing IT maintenance time on software.

The cost of the laptop itself is minor compared to the cost of training, setup, maintenance , updates and troubleshooting.
Since office software rarely uses 3D GPU features, the GPU choice ought to be rather wide. But it ought to have 8GB RAM with a user file backup service enabled. .. such as in (win8)

I have no personal experience on the issue reported in #14.
All I was saying is that in certain instances the MS Office Suite runs into performance issues with the latest Intel setups

FOr office environment, improving productivty seems to be a certain goal, so I always use those settings "for best performance " but Show Thumbnails, smooth fonts and themes, near bottom. **broken link removed**
which also apparently avoids the Office <> Aero issue.

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