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which dc dc converter is suitable for the fallowing application?

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Maloth Ramesh

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May 31, 2015
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i would like to design a dc dc converter for academic project. requirements are input varies from (75-150)V and required out voltage also varies from (50-250)V i.e, both buck and boost operation i have to perform, maximum load is 1500w.
the input should not have much ripple, i.e, input supply is given from battery.
can someone suggest a converter which is suitable for the above application.

Full Bridge SMPS.

(I take it you couldn't find a 250v rated, 90uF capacitor to handle your 27 Amps of ripple current in your previous sepic attempt?...any suggestions here from readers may Help Maloth?)
Your duty cycle at worst case is too high for a phase shift full bridge smps, and the PSFB has too many downsides...

Also, your input and output voltage ranges are very wide, and presumably you do 1500w at any combination of input and output voltage? LLC coverter is out of the question, as you wont get the operation at the upper resonant frequency over the whole load range.
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Try reading up on isolated Cuk converters (lowest ripple), this is one solution, else a boost followed by a buck, or an H-bridge buck-boost, or a push-pull converter with a tapped inductor transformer....
Buck OR Boost at 1500W?...what about reverse recovery loss? Rev rec is less in full bridge because of leakage in transformer. The cuk would , like Maloth's previous sepic attempt, need a very very big series capacitor.

vout is 250v so cannot use schottky...sic is ok but high forward voltage compared to ultrafast.

Pushpull...what about the magnetising current?...are you going to snub it?, or some special regenerative snubber?

islated dynamic analysis on the cuk has ever been formally produced...its the only converterter that doesn't have this out in the open...Maloth will have to do state space or pwm switch model to model it if Maloth requires fast transient response.
actually i have to integrate this converter to an inverter, which has to use for direct torque control of induction motor application.
so i need fast transient response. the motor is rated 1.1kw.

i would of thinking to design isolated c'uk converter, but can we use it for medium power applications.

You can use a Cuk, with 1200v Sic mosfets and SiC o/p diodes, but for best transient response the H-bridge buck-boost is the winner...
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