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which circuit can replace bulk capacitor in power line ?


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Nov 11, 2021
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i was using 2 bulk capacitor to avoid the condition when the supply voltage goes down 4V my lin ic is stop working but it take a lot of space so i want to avoid them is there any circuit which can solve my problem , i was thinking about the boost converter but that is going a bit costly.

your information:
* two capacitors (of unknown calue)
* "goes down 4V" ... whatever that means.

If you want good and fast answers, provide complete informations first. Schematic, voltages (input, output, drop...), currents, part values, timing... all that is related to your problem.

Sorry for incomplete information, they are 2 capacitor, t=0020msec for v=4.3V
Know of no other solutions then the ones you listed, either a capacitor or a boost-converter.

Do you have a Schottky diode in series with the capacitors to prevent them being discharged by the 4V source when it drops?
A "circuit" capable of holding up that line under load-test will
need its own power source, and active elements. Probably not
a "win". Certainly not compared to the cost of a suitable
capacitor. Unless the supply is already there, underutilized,
and for free.
It’s STILL incomplete information. Are you saying the voltage drops to 4.3 V in 20ms from some other, undefined level? Or, the 4.3V is removed for 20ms, and you need to keep it from dropping to 4V? Or the voltage drops 4V? Or something else?

You’re just wasting everybody’s time when you post teeny bits of information, a little at a time, and then expect everyone to know what on earth you are talking about.

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