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where to start, what book(s)??Industrial automation

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Feb 13, 2006
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Hi guys, I've just registered here great forum, lot's of info.

I'm confused as to where to start to learn from scratch, what book(s) to buy? what i am after is a industrial robot ( not hobbylike robot that just walks, way more serious )that i can design, build and program it to think and solve problems as i do in my head, it should be able to perform all sorts of tasks and choose and pick different tools for tasks respectively. I am aware that it's not going to happen for a while yet, but i would like to start learning and experimenting. There are ton's of books on amazon, but what should i get, which one is easiest to understand and quick(if there's such), how many books, what sequance to read them??

PS I'm not going to school for this, im going to do it in evening/night time as i have business to run and pay bills

Thanx a lot.

you can first searc this forum for books on topics like sensor, automation, control and other related topics
also check out
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**broken link removed**

Hi rsrunreal ,
I think the general steps that U need
U want to be able to learn yourself, for that U most studying some mathematical principles.
( it's will ease your understanding)and then U can study in all about
1. DC curcuits(becouse it's not too complex), theores of solution, and design some easy dc curcuits to more understand ,and then
2. electronics (transistors , diods, etc),and then
3. about ICs and it's surcuits
4. about microcontroller and how programming it ( the important )
5. about steppers motors

U can visit this web site
to find good informations

good Luck .

"to think and solve problems as i do in my head", yhis is very very optimistic!!!!
to build ur robot u have to design the following:
*the mechanical system that include : motors, arms, ...
*the control system: the "head" of ur robot (PLC or µController or DSP or FPGA ...) that depends on what ur robot is expected to do, where, what is the required precision and speed...
*the control algorithm: it can be simple (if condition then do task) or more complex (multi tasks, real time ...) or intelligent (fuzzy logic, neural networks, adaptive algorithms, genetic algorithms...)

this is not easy to do, if u want ur robot doing too much, but if u can precise what kind of activities are in question u can determine more easily where to find documentation and how to ask for help!!

Think about it...

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