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Where to start developing FTP client for WINCE?

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Nov 13, 2005
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I am to develop an FTP client to windowsCE which should be integrated into
an application - do anybody of you know where i should start ? and is there
any resources available out there for developers ?

I know the RFC's :) - i were wondering about something a little more
precise, snippets and specifically targeted on CE.

CE 5.0 - developing in C/C++
Does anyone know where I can find an FTP client for Windows CE?

Is there an FTP client API available for Windows CE?
While an FTP client is documented in the Windows CE help, no FTP client
actually ships with OEM devices. I have heard two explanations for this.
One, given at CE DevCon 99, was that it was up to the OEM to ship or leave
out FTP support, and most left it out. The other is mentioned in the CE
documentation. While FTP functions are documented, there is a statement in
the remarks section: "Inetftp.dll is available only for Intel x86

pls help me with some suggestions.


hi tcsa 35

can you provide me some technical details about implementing FTP client for WINCE?will the code run on emulator?i will need the capability to transfer files from/to a remote CE device over TCP/IP network. So I figure FTP is
the way to go. Do you know where I can download/purchase an FTP
server for CE? The sample FTP server in Platform Builder
only has light security and can't transfer binary files. I prefer to put the sample FTP client on the CE devices rather than servers? any suggestions?
ftp client wince

I'm provide the sample FTP server and client examples for windowsce.
code can run on emulator and arm platform

api ftp wince

Hello tcsa35,

I want to download a file via FTP. I tried two different ways:
1. Using the Internet* functions
At first I opened an internet session with InternetOpen. After that
I opened an URL with InternetOpenUrl to which I passed the fully
qualified URL (e.g.
Then I read the data with the function InternetReadFile and wrote it
to a file.
This basically works. But InternetReadFile always returns true, even
if the remote file doesn't exists; in this case the received data is HTML
code that describes the error (Yes, I'm aware of the fact that the
Internet Explorer is being used for this).
The API reference unfortunately states that the Ftp* functions are
only available on the x86 platform (hu, what about the promissed
platform independence of Windows CE?!).
2. I found a FTP class on PocketPC Developer Network
(**broken link removed**) that implements
the FTP by itself. This approach also works and it returns error codes
on failure.

Now my questions are:
* Is there another approach for doing this?
* Which approach would you recommend?

Anyway, if possible, I would like to use functions that are available
on a device by default or part of the Windows CE API.

ftp to win ce over ras

hi tcsa35

can you send me some details about basics in FTP?i need to know about the FTP client model for you have the book " Essential Wininet"? can you send me some technical documentation on FTP client?have you worked on WINCE?which book would you suggest me for implementing FTP client?

c++ ftp windows ce

hi john2020,

You can find more info about using specific WinInet FTP command in this book

Addison Wesley - Pocket PC Network Programming

wince access ftp from code

hi tcsa35

i already have this book,it's readily available in this forum EDA upload/download section.i need some technical articles related to FTP client and FTP server.i searched on this,but am unable to find specific to it.if you have implemented FTP server and client for WINCE,can you send me some information?am new to WINCE,am currently in the process of learning WIN32 API,Winsock API.can you help me get this book?

"Essential Winlnet: Developing Applications Using the Windows Internet API with RAS, ISAPI, ASP, and COM" By Aaron Skonnard.

Published by Addison Wesley Professional.
Series: The Addison-Wesley Microsoft Technology Series.
**broken link removed**
**broken link removed**

I would be grateful if you could send me some related information on FTP client and server for Windows CE.

wince 5.0 ftp client


The that I atached to you is working FTP server for Windows CE with source code, what more do you want?
Just look the source code!

ftp client wince source

Dear tcsa35

i am new to WINCE programming and socket.Also i am learning VC++,the code you send me is done in VC++.i face difficulty in understanding the code.Can you pls help me understand the code? I need to understand the logic.Pls help me.

ftp client for windows ce intel x86

In platform builder 5 there is classes to work with FTP in WINCE. you can see MSDN 2005, there is some help in this regards.
Also there are a lot of technical point in MIKE HALL site. If you are newbie in windows CE, watch his movies about WINCE.
wince ftp client code

You can find more info about using specific WinInet FTP command in this book"Addison Wesley - Pocket PC Network Programming ",this is a book good,your can to read it because very interesting

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