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Where is Good RF/Microwave place to work in Europe?

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Sep 16, 2002
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Hello Guys

I am An RF/Microwave design Guy, unemployed at the moment....I Have had international RF/Microwave experience. I have been sending CV around without any luck, I was hopeing that some of you gives me some good reference/links where to send my CV or where to apply. :(

Less interested but I am also willing to relocate in US where I leaved for some time.

Let's see if Elektroda can pull out this one as well :!: :!: :?:

I hope you can help pls msg me !!!
Thanx. :oops:

Inform me if you found a good one :lol:
I always thought Ireland is good place to work.



Be forwarned. Before you post your CV here, go get a free - throwaway email address from Y/A/H/O/O or somewhere else. Your mailbox will be flooded with replies. Thats how I got my last job.


Spain is not a good place to work in RF/Microwave, only to bussines are dedicate to this topic. I'm telecommunication engineer and my favourites topics ara signal processing and RF/microwave design.

I went to switzerland to work in this topics, because job market in Spain is monotopic (programing, informatics or comercial). You cannot aplicate kwolegde acquire in career.

However, you can send your CV to Mier Comunicaciones and AD Telecom, both place in Barcelona.

**broken link removed**

Both pages have an english versions.

In Germany, Great Britain, Netherlands, Switzerland and Sweden you can find more opportunities in RF/Microwave jobs.

Good Luck


In England you may try Simoco or Securicor wireless communications.
These companies are good to the best of my knowledge.

Try contacting Gordon Short at Executive Recruitment Services if you want to work in the UK.
Their site is **broken link removed**
Generally whats known as the M3, M4 corridor there are alot of places.

In England you may also try bae (british aerospace) systems.

Give a look at

**broken link removed**

Maybe a nice place to work

Hello wafer101,

In Germany there is a very high tech institute for RF, called IMST. I've been there once and it is amazing what they do on RF and the equipment they have (DC to 240 GHz).

On there site you can find information and jobs they have.
Maybe you can find a job there.

Good luck


You may want to try STMicroelectronics. They do a lot of small-signal RFIC work from design, to layout to fabrication. They are also beginning to invade the large-signal market with the LDMOS technology. I don't know how it would be to work in Catania, but it's beautiful weather. However, they may be under a hiring freeze as are many companies at this time.

I am a EE graduate. For people who are working, are companies looking to remove their hiring freeze soon and start recruiting junior positions. I've been interviewed for companies, and they all say they want someone more experienced.

From my experience, headhunters aren't effective for new/junior positions. If you are applying internationally, it is definitely a turn-down. Best way is to contact companies, but even that response is hard with the current economy.

What do you think?

International employment

I would have to agree that headhunters arent much help for junior/entry level. It's almost always by word of mouth in the US, I cant say internationally; often it helps to have a coop somewhere. The game companies play by trading off experience for salary can be difficult to predict, but I can see how under the current economy they may prefer experience with the higher salary because with experience one is (presumably) more effective and no training or ramp-up time is needed.


All of my friends who are looking for jobs tell me that the employers these days are looking for people with several years of experience on the exact area that the job opening is for. They are not accepting people with even superior performance in similar areas.

Any more suggestion appreciated.

I once worked for EPCOS as design eng.
Ex collegue welcomed to msg/email me

wafer101 :)

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