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Where in Europe can I get ARM cpu?

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Apr 16, 2003
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orcad mpc852t

does anyone know where in EU is it possible to order a few pieces of ARM cpu with MMU (or any 32bit cpu with MMU)? I'd like to develop a small board capable of running Linux.

Hi cameni,

I built many boards with Motorola PowerPC CPUs (MPC8xx). These have
a built-in MMU and are able to run Linux. These CPUs can be ordered in
small quantities by EBV electronic (


If you want an ARM core, buy a development board from ARM

You can't buy a chip from ARM, only development board

Otherwise there are several manufacture of uC with ARM core
For example Samsung, look at$File/ARM_Microcontroller_Spreadsheet.xls

hi mr_ghz,
how much does they costs in mean?


Hi lollobrigido,

It depends what peripheral have to be implemented and which clock
frequency. The 'lowest cost' variant is the MPC852T with 10/100MBit
Ethernet, 3 serial lines (2 also capable for 10MBit Ethernet), Memory-
Controller, ... at a speed of 50MHz (=50 MIPS). It costs about 15US$
for 100Pcs. 1 Piece will cost about 25US$.
There also exist types with integrated LCD-Controller, more ports, ...

For Information about the chip --> look at motorola homepage
For pricing --> look at, but these prices are normally
about 20% to high.


Embeded linux

Could anybody post PCB files for ARM or Motorola 32bit MCU what will be capable of running linux? I see mr_ghz did many Motorola boards?

Hi mike2002,

The board I built have much I/O's and peripherals. So I think they are not
as interresting for you. But it's possible to buy very small PowerPC-boards
(e.g. TQM860 and so on, try Google). Perhaps you have a chance to get
schematics and layout of such a board.


Sometimes Motorola has put out schematic and layout/gerber files for Evaluation/Development Boards on the web.

I have downloaded Orcad layout and Gerber files for the MPC5249 Coldfire.

If you considering using MPC8xx remember that they are only available in BGA package.

look at topic **broken link removed**

regarding chips arm offers full list of companies .
There are also chips were proting has been done for some OS's Intel's string arm

Ther are couple of ARM's with flash eprom
those are good to use

Intels 26x 25 , atlmel chips

I could not understand the name of the companies or of the chips.
Plz fix.

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