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Where do you get DIP oscillators for dev boards?

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Jul 5, 2011
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I have several xilinx based dev boards that all have 8-pin dip sockets for ocillators. Does anyone know where I can get these as 'one-offs'? I can only find models (like the SG8002DC) available in orders of 1000 (since they have to be programmed).

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Let me be a bit more specific, becuase obviously you can just go to digikey and filter the ocillators by package type. But if you do that you will find 90% of them are 'non-stocked', and the choices for frequencies of stocked ones are very limited. I want a 60MHz unit... but I only want 1, not 1000.

Is the DIP-8 just a plain CMOS oscillator? That is power, ground, output and optionally an output enable? Try searching for Oscillators - Programmable. There are 2 types listed. Of course then you would have to deal with programming it. Some of the larger distributors will program these type of parts for you but there may be minimums.

I think the best approach would be to get a 4 lead 7x5mm DFN/LCC package and solder into an 8 pin header (similar to Digikey A101-ND). I think the leads on the header could be formed so the oscillator could be soldered directly to the pins.


Thank Ray,
That is the exact problem I have found with the programables, the minimum order.

I like the dip header idea, I will try to find something for that.

It just seems strange that no place will do a one off programable oscillator for you. I wouldnt mind if I had to pay extra for someones time to program it... how long could is possibly take, an extra 10 seconds?

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